Aimi Gallery



1. Overview This is an app that allows you to view works created by VR artist Aimi Sekiguchi using the Tilt Brush VR app for Looking Glass. 2. Contents used This work has been made available to the public and is available for remixing (CC-BY). - Remixing and Creative Commons - CC-BY 3.0 List of works by Aimi Sekiguchi - Phoenix: - Japanese Phoenix: - Phoenix: - GoldFish: ... - Peacocks Across the real world: - Dragon: - Hakuryu: - Factory: Special Offerings. - Untitled-155: Special Offerings. 3. Operation - Mouse Left button: Parallel move Right button: Rotation Wheel: zoom in/out - Looking Glass button Square Button: Automatic Switching (Automatically rotates and changes the work at regular intervals) Left button: Back to the previous work (cycling) Right button: Goes to the previous work (circular) Circle Button: Reset the camera position - Keyboard H : Display the operation help screen. R : Reset the camera position ESC : Exit application F9: 2D screenshot (created in the application's folder) F10: 3D screenshot (created in the application's folder) 3. Acknowledgements Thank Aimi Sekiguchi for making her wonderful work available to the public!

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