Jake Adams, Dillon Robinson, Simon Howard


The world has never felt so strange. So why is there so much Joy? At VALHOLO it is our hope that :feels: brings awareness to the collective unconscious and the superficiality of the global affect. Thus we ask, how is everyone feeling right now? :FEELS: allows for that query to be answered with its data driven visualization of humanity's collected emotions on Twitter. Encased by the mind's eye are images of Jungian archetypes and Freudian imagery. The panoptic embrace of the mandala-like eye acts as a visual repository for the data constellation. The iris and pupil are image substrates for the primary emotions. They populate to specific scale, speed, position, and opacity according to the data. The secondary emotions or emotional subsets of each primary emotion utilize the same hierarchical functionality. Emotions with the highest value will always be in front, scaled largest, and most opaque. Scaling is reversed for primary emotions, and instead, the highest value propagates the smallest minimum scale. No scaling changes occur to the pupil only the iris. Explore all the emotional hemispheres by utilizing the Looking Glass buttons or referring to the visual definitions. With an update every minute there is no need to wonder how everyone else around you :FEELS:.

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